Teri Martine by Lorenzo Di Mauro

Three charming illustrations featuring the exquisite Teri Martine, skillfully rendered by Lorenzo Di Mauro.  Hailing from Italy and born in 1954, Lorenzo is a seasoned illustrator who has worked for numerous advertising agencies over the years. Most notably, he collaborated with Peter Greenaway, creating a key illustration for the movie The Continue Reading

Peeping Tom Painting by Emanuele Taglietti

The Italian artist Emanuele Taglietti worked as set designer on numerous films, including Federico Fellini’s Juliet of the Spirits (1965) and Marco Ferreri’s L’Harem (1967). In 1973 he became a comic book cover artist for the Italian publisher Edifumetto, working on such titles as titles Playcolt, La Poliziotta and Vampirissimo Continue Reading