Colin Gordon: Wolfbait Illustrator

Naturist sport of miniten

I thought I would write a little bit about Colin Gordon. Colin does the illustrations that appear in our books. He works in the games industry as a character designer and animator, but also works freelance, creating posters, logo design, illustration, and album covers. His bold, simplified and stylish designs are influenced by early twentieth-century European posters artists such as Begarstaffs, Ludwig Hohlwein, Adolfo Hohenstein and René Gruau as well as Hollywood B-movies posters and gig posters. Over the years Colin Gordon has done a lot of work for the resurgent Burlesque scene. Here are some samples of his work, which have appeared in our publications. To see more of his art, visit his website at or follow him on Instagram.

Two black and white illustrations of topless wresting women by Colin Gordon.
A selection of black and white illustrations by Colin Gordon of 3 ladies in a nudist camp.

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One thought on “Colin Gordon: Wolfbait Illustrator

  1. Great illustrations. Very talented. When I was young this type of thing would have been fantasy material if you get what I mean!!!!!!
    Now it’s just great to see anyway.

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