September Morn

September Morn is a painting by the French artist Paul Émile Chabas (1869 – 1937). A popular and highly marketable image it has been referenced by numerous artist and photographers over the years, as in this photograph by Stephen Glass. The original painting was completed in 1911. It was first exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1912. According to Wikipedia, it inspired songs, stage shows and films. Some 7 million reproductions were sold. The image, however, caused controversy in the puritanical United States, where it was deemed lewd, which led to numerous debates on censorship. It went to Russia after the Salon of 1912 and was feared lost in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution. It resurfaced in 1935 and was donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1957. As of 2014, it is not on display.

September Morn by Stephen Glass
September Morn by Stephen Glass
Matinée de Septembre
September Morn by Paul Émile Chabas (1869 – 1937)


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