Living Doll (1965)

Sue Owen, aka Suzi Kahn, in 8mm striptease film
Title board for Kamera Cine Film #111 Living Doll (1965) starring Sue Owen and George Harrison Marks.

Harrison Marks first announced that his glamour films were in production in Kamera No.23 (1959). It was not until seven months later, however, in issue No.30 (1960) that the first films were advertised for sale. They were silent and black and white and available in 8mm or 16mm. The 16mm format was eventually dropped. Above is the hand-painted title board for the Kamera Cine Film #111 Living Doll (1965) starring Sue Owen. Pamela Green did the illustrations, but the lettering was done by someone else. This was the only one of Harrison Marks’ glamour films that Sue Owen appeared in. She did, however, feature in two issues of Solo – No. 49 and No. 50 (in disguise as Suzi Kahn). The production of these short glamour films continued for some twelve months or more after Kamera Publications ceased trading in 1968. In all 132 films were made although the numbering gets a little misleading.

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