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Rather than let Pamela Green’s archive languish in boxes I have decided to release a number of publications under the Wolfbait imprint. These books can be purchased from most online stores such as Amazon. Visit the Buy Valium Pills Online to see what is available. Suggestions for future publications welcome. Enjoy.










Here’s a clip from the British crime film, Valium Where To Buy, in which Augie Cortona (Terence Morgan) enlists the help of the curvey Sylvia (Linda Castle) to blackmail a client, in this case, Arnold (John Salew), using a two-way mirror. I can’t help thinking that Linda Castle is the spitting image of the Harrison Marks model, Mary Deighan. Linda Castle also had a small part in Rag Doll (1961) about an innocent girl in the big city that’s worth watching. Furthermore, I think I recognise her in Peeping Tom (1960) as one of the guests at Helen Stephens’s (Anna Massey) birthday party.

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Danny Kaye (1911-1987) with Pamela Green taken by George Harrison Marks

Pamela occasionally interviewed the stars who appeared at the London Palladium for the magazine Show by Axtell Publications. Harrison Marks not unexpectedly got to take the pictures. Here’s a rare picture of Pamela with Danny Kaye in his dressing gown. For those of you too young to remember Danny Kaye was as an American actor, singer, dancer, comedian, musician, and philanthropist. He was famous for being somewhat idiosyncratic. Physical comedy and rapid-fire novelty songs were his shtick. He starred in seventeen movies, including White Christmas alongside Bing Crosby.


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Vitus, Model Studies, No.8, 1956

Vitus is an interesting magazine from Switzerland of all places. Twenty-two pages including the cover. There is a three-page article on Physical Education, which quotes Buy Diazepam Usa from his book Maids (Elstree Publications, 1947) and even talks about the Swiss Federal Constitution of all things! Eight of the pages feature Pamela Green. What is novel is the front cover is without any type whatsoever. I added the type so people wouldn’t initially assume it was a scan of an interior page. Being a type nerd, I might do a future post on title type. What do you think?

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Pamela Green featured on the cover of another continental magazine — this time Carneval #23, from Sweden, published in 1966. An A4 magazine of 16 pages including the cover with a black and white interior. Not to be confused with the English magazine Carnival. Pamela, on the cover as Rita Landre, is sporting a full bush which is very unusual for her. As most of her images were for the English market in the 1950s, she tended to be shaved. In December 1967 Pamela dissolved her partnership with Harrison Marks so I’m not how involved she was in 1966 when this magazine came out. I suspect the image was taken a few years earlier making it all the more intriguing.

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Cover image of Heath and Efficiency, January 1951, featuring Mina Felgate. Photo taken by Stephen Glass at Spielplatz.

The enchanting Mina Maureen Liberoff (1931 – 2016), née Felgate, was born in Kensington and grew up during the Blitz. She became a professional dancer and popular model, and as a favourite of the photographer, Stephen Glass, pictures of her would often feature in the naturist magazine, Health and Efficiency — on several occasions, she was the cover girl.

In 1950 she went to perform at Paris’ newest night-spot, La Nouvelle Eve, with fellow showgirl Candy Daly, and in 1951 she sailed to the USA to dance at one of New Jersey’s largest night clubs. She eventually settled in the US performing in such shows as The Latin Quarter and Parisian Follies. She relocated to Florida, with her first husband, Harris Bertram Wolser, where she made her home for the rest of her life. Mina Felgate will be featuring in our forthcoming book Beauty Off-Duty. Sign up to our Online Valium Uk to be notified when it’s available.

On October 4th the Regent Street Cinema, in London, will be hosting The Soho A Go Go Film Festival. It will be a chance to see such films as Primitive London, Rattle of a Simple Man and Peeping Tom on the big screen. The screening of Peeping Tom will be followed by a Q&A hosted by Aidan Mcmanus with yours truely and Jean Sporle, one of Harrison Marks’s legendary models. I’ll be selling a small selection of books in the lobby as well… and if you ask nicely, I’m sure Jean Sporle will sign stuff. Hope to you there. It would be a delight to meet some readers of Pam’s blog.

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The good folks over at Goliath Books have released a super limited edition print of Pamela Green at Speilplatz by Stephen Glass. Developed on metallic photo paper and limited to 30 copies, it comes from a rare uncensored negative of the young Pamela. It was taken in the early ’50s at Spielplatz, the nudist village in Hertfordshire, England. Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online

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What’s interesting about this German magazine from Hamburg is the cover image by Zoltan Glass of Pamela Green is in colour. I’ve only ever seen pictures from this photoshoot in black and white, such as this Valium Cheap Online.
L’Art du Nu, Édition Spéciale
Art Studies Modellkunst, No 13.
Size: 205mm x 275mm
16 Pages, no text.
Black and white except the cover.
Date not shown — probably mid-50s.

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been spending a bit of spare time working on the next book for Wolfbait. It’s going to Beauty Off-Duty, featuring relaxed, everyday moments caught on camera. Luckily for us, these amiable moments feature charming young ladies in the buff. One model that keeps cropping up is the ever-swell Lee Sothern (a.k.a. Grace Jackson). She was a popular model in the 1950s and ’60s and a firm favourite of Stephen Glass (and mine).

According to Parade magazine, she was born in Scotland but later lived in Surrey, and was once voted model of the year by the London Camera Club. “Lee keeps in good 37-23-37 shape by dancing, swimming and keeping cheerful,” said Parade. “She danced in Paris, has appeared in films and TV and plays the piano. Her hobby is dressmaking.” Lee appeared in at least three delightful glamour films: Arty Artist, Artist’s Model and Passport to Nudism. They were released in the mid-50s by Diamond Films, Slough, Buckinghamshire (UK).

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After Kamera, the most successful magazine, George Harrison Marks and Pamela Green produced was Solo. Similar to Kamera it was 32 pages of black and white photos, with a colour cover, but dedicated to just one model. It was launched in the Spring of 1958 and ran as a monthly production alongside Kamera to issue No.61 (1968). In practice, like Kamera, Solo was not always published every month. There were, however, sixty-one consecutive issues. Issue number 1, shown below, features Anne Austin and the last issue, No.61, features Sissi Mississippi. In his editorial introduction to Solo, Harrison Marks outlined the aim of the publication:

“In present times, pictures such as pin-ups and figure studies have become an essential part in all facets of the publishing world. Business houses now use photographs of beautiful women constantly in all forms of advertising to sell their products., and photographers, who at one time used flower vases and suchlike to demonstrate the artistry of lighting, now use the curves of the female figure.

In this modern trend, numerous beautiful girls have achieved fame purely by modelling for the artists of the camera. Many others, however, work constantly for we photographers without thought of recognition, and it was with this thought in mind that Solo came into being.

Each month it is my intention to devote an entire book to one of these lovely girls, and in this first edition, I have pleasure in presenting Miss Anne Austin, fast becoming one of the most popular figure models in London.

I hope that this photographic portrait will draw the appreciation I feel this beautiful girl deserves.”

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