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STEPHEN GLASS, like his younger brother Zoltán, was born and educated in Hungary. After three years of intensive study in commercial art schools in Budapest, he earned his living as a designer, cartoonist, and painter. At the end of the first World War, he left Hungary for Germany, where he worked as Art Editor for the leading evening newspaper in Berlin until Hitler’s rise to power in 1937.

After which he came to England and carved out a name for himself as a freelance photographer. He photographed many famous personalities, including the stars of stage and screen, but found his niche in taking pictures for such publications as The Naturist and Health and Efficiency. Pamela Green posed for him several times at the infamous nudist camp Spielplatz, and at his tiny first-floor studio in Old Church Street, just off the King’s Road in Chelsea, where he often worked from the early morning until the late evening.

Apart from his work, he was extremely interested in the fine arts, as well as being a keen sports enthusiast. He apparently never missed his daily P.T. exercises and attended weight lifting and bodybuilding classes every week. He could also play the cello.

His brother Zoltán, who was also a photographer, was interviewed in numerous magazines on both sides of the Atlantic, but I’ve only ever come across one interview with Stephen, and that was in Health and Efficiency in 1951.

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“How I Take My Naturist Pictures” by Stephen Glass, Health and Efficiency, 1951.

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  1. It’s worth mentioning too, that one, likely two of the three pics in the article, appear to be of Mina Felgate, later Liberoff, about whom you have also done an article on this site.

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