The 3-D Xploits of Douglas Webb

Sterolist 3-d slide Pamela Green nude in 3-d by Douglas Webb image 2
Sterolist 3-d slide nude Pamela Green

The 1950s was the golden era of 3-D movies with such classics as It Came from Outer Space, Creature From The Back Lagoon and Hitchcock’s Dial M For Murder. Just like the movie business, pin-up photography was a competitive game.

Seeing the success of such movies, photographers such as Stanley Long and Horace Roye jumped on the bandwagon of 3-D photography. Stanley Long was involved with the stereographic photography outfit VistaScreen, and Roye came up with the Roye-Vala 3-D Process. His Camera Studies Club published a series of splendid pocket glamour books, such as The Cabaret Girls in 3-D.

George Harrison Marks also dabbled with 3-D photography, the results of which can be seen in Intimate Studies of Beauty Pamela Green in 3-D, as published by A. Hallé.

Even Douglas Webb had a go making the ladies in his pictures “stand out”. Here are some 3-D pictures by Doug of Pamela Green in a blonde wig. These were taken in the early 1950s when she still had dark hair. I’ve not seen them before. This may be the first time they have been published. I have some other images he took, which I will post in due course.

3-D glasses are readily available online if you need a pair.

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2 thoughts on “The 3-D Xploits of Douglas Webb

  1. Bryan May is a founding member of the London Stereoscopic Company (
    He doesn’t yet have any examples of Pamela.
    I would be interested in more of the Steroist cards, especially if they could be download to use in a viewer.

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