Pamela Green in 3-D

Pamela Green nude 3d

George Harrison Marks and Pamela Green sometimes dabbled with 3-D photography. The results of which can be seen in Intimate Studies of Beauty No.6. This pocket publication was published by A. Hallé Ltd of London and forms part of a series of at least seven books. Apparently no expense was spared to “combine first-class photography, faultless printing and classic posing — all in harmony to capture every aspect of beauty in the female form” and all in 3-D for only 2’6, including spectacles. A bargain for sure! For more 3-D glamour check out the Roye-Vala Process.

3-D glasses are readily available online if you need a pair.

Intimate Studies of Beauty No.6.


Pamela Green in 3-D from Intimate Studies of Beauty No.6.

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