Spring Shower — Bertram Park

Photo of Pamela Green, Elizabeth Walker and Primrose naked
Pamela Green with Elizabeth Walker and Primrose in Bertram Park’s rose garden.

Pamela Green passed away five years ago today. To mark the occasion I’ve selected a photo to post from her personal collection. It is a rather fun photo with a certain amount of joie de vivre to remember her by. I’m afraid I don’t know much about it other than it was taken by Bertram Park or his wife Yvonne Gregory in their rose garden between 1948 and 1951.


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5 thoughts on “Spring Shower — Bertram Park

  1. Thank you for yet another delightful picture of the young “Divine Pamela’.As I said earlier in an earlier post, More please

  2. Found out a lot more about this image. It was taken by Bertram Park at his home in Pinner. Bertram Park was an authority on Roses, hence the rose garden. The other two girls are Elizabeth and Primrose. With his wife Yvonne Gregory, Bertram produced a number of photographic books of the female nude. Will write a post about him in the near future.

  3. Thanks for this and your recent post featuring the adorable Elizabeth Walker – a pleasure to see these three beautiful ladies totally confident of their beautiful naked selves.

    And do you know any more about the equally adorable and natural beauty of Primrose?

    — and very pleased that the retoucher hasn’t had a chance of defacing such a wonderful natural photograph – nothing sleazy, this is 100% art.

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