Bertram Park (1883-1972)

Photo Portrait of Pamela Green
Pamela Green by Bertram Park

This has to be one of my favourite portraits of Pamela Green. It is by Bertram Park, a highly regarded establishment photographer whose body of work encompassed not just figure studies, but still lives and society portraits as well. His reputation was such that various European crowned heads would visit his studio to be photographed, including the British Royal Family. In 1910, he became a founder member of the London Salon of Photography. He married the photographer Yvonne Gregory in 1916. With her, in 1919, he set up a studio at 43 Dover Street, London. He exhibited as part of the European avant-garde movement in the Premier Salon International de Nu Photographique which took place in Paris in 1933 in the company of Man Ray, Moholy-Nagy, and others. It was a landmark show of the last century whose importance can not be underestimated. Bertram Park photographed Pamela Green several times, including at his home in Pinner, whose extensive grounds he used as a setting for outdoor nudes. Bertram Park was also an authority on roses. Apparently, he had had some three thousand specimens in his garden.

Published Works — Bertram Park and Yvonne Gregory

  • Living Sculpture, 1926, Batsford
  • The Beauty of the Female Form, 1934, Routledge
  • Sun Bathers, 1935, Routledge
  • Curves and Contrast of the Human Figure, 1936, John Lane
  • Eve in the Sunlight, 1937, Hutchinson
  • A Study of Sunlight and Shadow on the Female Form, 1939, John Lane

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6 thoughts on “Bertram Park (1883-1972)

  1. Hello! I have early photographs by Bertram Park, I got it from an estate sale and wanted to know about them. Pictures of a lake with a white and black dog and a man between the tree, a white house, picture of also a white house with a black dog in a backyard, and a landscape with trees, and another landscape of a lake and some trees in the front. Lake with a background of a white house. Lastly, a seashore with 2 white houses. Thank you! It’s bounded in a black leather charcoal grey and it is engraved Bertram Park London, with a logo of a unicorn head. Each picture is separated by white onion skin layers of paper. Hoping you can give me some info on these pictures.

      1. Thank you for taking time.I would like to know if they are worth something.Happy holiday and merry Xmas to you.

        1. By the way the hard cover is 16″x22″with marking of Bertram Park in Gold.Also at the back it suggest on how to frame and cannot be re-produce nicely without the original plate and numbered 8596 LEADFGRB

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