Bertram Park and Yvonne Gregory

Bertram Park (1883-1972) was a renowned portrait photographer whose work can be found in the National Portrait Gallery. In 1916, he married the photographer Yvonne Gregory. Along with fellow photographer Marcus Adams, they established themselves as the Three Photographers. Their studio at 43 Dover Street in Mayfair was initially funded by the Egyptologist George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon.

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Yvonne Gregory was interested in the female form as an artistic element. As a result n 1929 they published their first book of nudes together called Living Sculpture. The details of their working relationship, however, are vague, and there is little indication to who actually took the pictures. Their book Sun Bathers (1935) was quite groundbreaking in that it didn’t pretend to be a guide for artists, a ploy that was still common into the 1950s.

In 1935 Bertram Park was appointed honorary editor of Sun Bathing Review.

After the war, they continued to take nude photographs which they supplied to the naturist publications of the day. This delightful photograph of Pamela Green was taken at the rose garden of their house in Pinner.

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4 thoughts on “Bertram Park and Yvonne Gregory

  1. Never heard of him or her but what a lovely shot of Pamela. Unretouched! Just how they should be.

  2. This is probably the best photo of Pamela Green I have ever seen. Beautiful photo of the shaved nude form, much preferable to the pubic hair of the 1970s.

  3. Another well known female photographer of the female nude, was Eva Grant. But for all I know, that was a pseudonym for maybe Yvonne Gregory again.

    Eva took loads of pics that ended up in 1950s men’s magazines, many of which were overtly showcases for her work, such as Light & Shade, where she would have a little intro page each time.

    It could be that some models preferred to pose for a lady photographer.

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