Rearview – Bertram Park

An interesting behind the scenes rearview shot of Pamela Green by Bertram Park (1883-1972). I’m afraid I don’t know for sure who the model on the right is. The image was most probably taken in the rose garden of his home in Pinner. This image is from a group of prints by Bertram Park, who along with his wife, Yvonne Gregory, produced a number of early books on nude photography during the 1930s. The prints came from an estate sale of their business partner, Marcus Adams. This appears to be a studio reference print, originally mounted ten to a page, with each image numbered.

List of Books by Bertram Park and Yvonne Gregory

Living Sculpture, Batsford, London, 1926.
The Beauty of the Female Form, Routledge, London, 1934.
Sun Bathers, 48 photographic studies, Routledge, London, 1935.
Curves and Contrast of the Human Figure, Bodley Head, London, 1936.
Eve in the Sunlight, Hutchinson, 1937.
A Study of Sunlight and Shadow on the Female Form, Bodley Head, London, 1939.

Rear view of Pamela Green by Bertram Park.

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