Nymphs and Naiads

Please to announce the release of volume six in the Stephen Glass Collection – Nymphs and Naiads. This time around, we venture out into the glorious British countryside to take in the view of beauty unadorned. The book is delightfully illustrated by Colin Gordon and comes with a short introduction exploring the links between the Edwardian cult of Pan, Wicca and the nudist movement. A fascinating depiction of a very British Arcadia that is unashamed and unabashed in its vision of an island idyll.

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Nudist images from the book Nymphs and Naiads

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One thought on “Nymphs and Naiads

  1. As somebody who had a little bit of input into the book (being to assist in identifying some of the models), I can vouch for the content; some gorgeous pictures in there, and I’ve not seen them anywhere else.

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