Publications by The Naturist

Naturist Publications
Sussex Maidens (1949) and The Mystery of Naturism (1956)

The magazine The Naturist published a series of pocket books of around 60 pages with a photographic supplement in the middle. These supplements were often by Stephen Glass, the brother of Zoltán Glass. Pamela appears in Nudist Life at Spielplatz.

Here is a list of the publications for any of you collectors out there.
•    Rosemary Andre, My Life Story, The Naturist Ltd, 1945
•    Michael Rutherford, British Naturism, The Naturist Ltd, 1946
•    Roy Wyatt, Sussex Maidens, The Naturist Ltd, 1949
•    Anne Seton, Pool of Enchantment, The Naturist Ltd, 1950
•    Charles Sennet, Nudist Life in Spielplatz, The Naturist Ltd, 1956
•    Melvyn Oakdale, The Mystery of Naturism, The Naturist Ltd, 1956
•    Stewart Douglas, Beauty and Naturism, The Naturist Ltd,
•    Ronald Mason, Eve in the Sun, The Naturist Ltd,
•    Douglas Stewart, Ideal Manhood, The Naturist Ltd

These are just the books with photographic studies by Stephen Glass.

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