Vampire starring Wendy Luton

A few years back, the British Film Institute took a look at sex and cinema. They made available online more than a dozen examples of British erotica dating from 1896 to the early years of this century. They range from a Victorian lady’s frilly petticoat to a fuzzy, brief shot of a nude woman cavorting at the seaside, to a naked interview with Fiona Richmond.

Included in the collection is a couple of Kamera Cine films by Harrison Marks. In Vampire (1964), in addition to writing and directing, Marks took the starring role as Count Dracula III — an eye-rollingly hammy Count emerges from his plywood-lidded tomb to chase a naked Wendy Luton around his cardboard-walled castle. What’s not to like? I covered his other film Xcitement! in a previous post. You can watch them both for free on the BFI website.

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One thought on “Vampire starring Wendy Luton

  1. Unfortunately the BFI video will not play outside Britain. Did find an 2 min extract on Youtube but it would have been more fun to watch it all.

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