Solo 1958-1968

After Kamera, the most successful magazine, George Harrison Marks and Pamela Green produced was Solo. Similar to Kamera it was 32 pages of black and white photos, with a colour cover, but dedicated to just one model. It was launched in the Spring of 1958 and ran as a monthly production alongside Kamera to issue No.61 (1968). In practice, like Kamera, Solo was not always published every month. There were, however, sixty-one consecutive issues. Issue number 1, shown below, features Anne Austin and the last issue, No.61, features Sissi Mississippi. In his editorial introduction to Solo, Harrison Marks outlined the aim of the publication:

“In present times, pictures such as pin-ups and figure studies have become an essential part in all facets of the publishing world. Business houses now use photographs of beautiful women constantly in all forms of advertising to sell their products., and photographers, who at one time used flower vases and suchlike to demonstrate the artistry of lighting, now use the curves of the female figure.

In this modern trend, numerous beautiful girls have achieved fame purely by modelling for the artists of the camera. Many others, however, work constantly for we photographers without thought of recognition, and it was with this thought in mind that Solo came into being.

Each month it is my intention to devote an entire book to one of these lovely girls, and in this first edition, I have pleasure in presenting Miss Anne Austin, fast becoming one of the most popular figure models in London.

I hope that this photographic portrait will draw the appreciation I feel this beautiful girl deserves.”

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  1. My older brother used to get these and other magazines and hid them under his mattress. Somehow I used to find them. Couldn’t make full use of them as I was under that age before us boys discovered the delights of growing up! Once I did I never stopped. Still obsessed now. More so with all the online material online!

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