Lee Sothern by Stephen Glass 

Nude model, Grace Jackson, Lee Sothern, Harrison Marks, Stephen Glass

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been spending a bit of spare time working on the next book for Wolfbait. It’s going to Beauty Off-Duty, featuring relaxed, everyday moments caught on camera. Luckily for us, these amiable moments feature charming young ladies in the buff. One model that keeps cropping up is the ever-swell Lee Sothern (a.k.a. Grace Jackson). She was a popular model in the 1950s and ’60s and a firm favourite of Stephen Glass (and mine).

According to Parade magazine, she was born in Scotland but later lived in Surrey, and was once voted model of the year by the London Camera Club. “Lee keeps in good 37-23-37 shape by dancing, swimming and keeping cheerful,” said Parade. “She danced in Paris, has appeared in films and TV and plays the piano. Her hobby is dressmaking.” Lee appeared in at least three delightful glamour films: Arty Artist, Artist’s Model and Passport to Nudism. They were released in the mid-50s by Diamond Films, Slough, Buckinghamshire (UK).

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One thought on “Lee Sothern by Stephen Glass 

  1. Some good airbrushing there. She really is lovely. Models always looked older back then. Even now I’m old they do. I used to look at my older brother’s mags he hid under his mattress! I was unable to make full use of them at first but as I got into my teens I certainly did. Gave me a lifelong passion for all things female.

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