Lovelies in Mufti

Occasionally I come across a magazine I’ve not heard or seen off that has Pamela Green on the cover. This is such an occasion. And what a great little magazine it is — Lovelies in Mufti. If you are wondering what Mufti means it is from the Arabic: Mufti (مفتي) meaning an Islamic scholar. Back in the day, off-duty British officers would often wear Eastern style dressing gowns and tasselled smoking-caps which was like the Oriental dress of the Mufti. To cut a long story short it means casual clothes.

As the introduction says “glamour girls are so frequently photographed in pin-up attire that one sometimes wonders what they do look like in ordinary clothing. Every girl who appears in the pages is wearing, in one way or another, clothing of the kind which she wears in everyday life. And as you will see, the girls are none the less lovely for that.”

My favourite chapter is “Jumpers and Cardigans”— they can be worn in so many ways: on-the-shoulder, decolletée and otherwise. Nice twin set! As for the cover, as someone said it’s a nice combination of jewellery and droolry. The magazine is not dated but it is a Carnival special issue. Carnival was published by Liverpolitan Ltd, Birkenhead, and ran from 1955-1958.

Carnival presents Lovelies in Mufti, Liverpolitan Ltd, date unknown.

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