The Welcome Return of Miss Pamela Green

In the September 1952 issue of Lilliput, six photographers expressed their individual conceptions of what Pamela Green meant to them in a state of undress. She emerged as a nymph, a South Sea island belle, a cool sophisticate, a temple dancer, a Botticelli Venus and a nice girl after her bath. Lilliput was so impressed by what Pamela had done to the minds of the six photographers, they wondered how many varied fancies she could arouse in the mind of just one photographer. The one was Zoltán Glass and his images appeared as “The Welcome Return of Miss Pamela Green” in the December 1952 issue. This image, however, was not actually used, but it is from one of the shoots. It is rather delightful, by Jove. Zolly always had a good eye.

A nude Pamela Green on a tiger rug by the photographer Zoltán Glass
Pamela Green on a tiger rug by Zoltán Glass, 1952.

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One thought on “The Welcome Return of Miss Pamela Green

  1. As always, Pamela looks lovely. Shame about the airbrushing they had to do back then. I prefer everything to look natural.

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