From an original negative in my collection comes this delightful picture of Pamela Green taken by Stephen Glass in the early 1950s. Pamela modelled for him at least twice: at the nudist camp, Spielplatz, in Bricket Wood, and at his tiny first-floor studio in Old Church Street, just off the King’s Road in Chelsea. Unlike his brother, Zoltán, I find Stephen a bit of an enigma. He was well-known enough during the 1950s for his name to be prominently displayed on the front of magazines, but very little was actually written about him or his work. As I write this, I am trying to resist making a bad pun about a pussy cat.

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4 thoughts on “Meow!

  1. Beautiful pussy. I don’t usually cater to cats but Pamelas is always an exception.

  2. I must agree with Mike regarding “The Divine Pamela”. UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL, please keep them coming!!!!!!

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