December 2012

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He’s an extremely rare picture of Pamela Green with Rita Landre together. It was taken for the book Pamela that was printed by Luxor Press (ca 1956). George and Pam received a few copies of the book, but they never got paid. Their prints and transparencies were never returned either. The book has 66 pages and cost 18/-. Copies for sale occasionally appear on the Abe Books website.

Pamela: a portrait in 58 studies by Harrison Marks, Luxor Press (ca 1956).

Pamela Green, George Harrison Marks, nude, Glamour

Advert for the Book Pamela, Britain’s No. 1 model.


Every year Pamela Green and George Harrison Marks would send out a custom Christmas card. This is the image from the front of their card in 1961, the year the film Naked as Nature Intended came out. The caption inside reads “Well — Do YOU read the small print on contracts!” To all the readers of this blog season’s greetings and best wishes for the coming year. Have fun.

George Harrison Marks as the doorman outside the then recently refurbished Cameo-Moulin cinema on Great Windmill Street, London W1 (1961).