September 2012

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Sad news, I’m afraid. The British exploitation movie producer Stanley Long died in Buckinghamshire on 10 September 2012. He was 78.

His early career was very similar to that of George Harrison Marks’. He started as a pin-up photographer (for the magazine Photo Studio), went on to produce 8mm striptease films (Stag Film Productions), and ended up the cinematographer and co-writer on the nudist feature film Nudist Memories (1959). Long even used some of the same models as GHM such as June Palmer, Paula Page and Lorraine Burnett. Even though Long and GHM were well-known rivals in the 1950s, they never actually met.

In the 1960s Long became a successful producer on such films as Nudes of the World (1961), London in the Raw (1964), Repulsion (1965), Secrets of a Windmill Girl (1966) and The Wife Swappers (1969.

He made several successful sex comedy films in the 1970s, such as: Eskimo Nell (1974), Adventures of a Taxi Driver (1975) and Adventures of a Plumber’s Mate (1978) starring a host of talent including, Diana Dors, Irene Handl, Harry H. Corbett, Liz Fraser and Fred Emney.

I recommend Simon Sheridan’s biography X-Rated – Adventures of an Exploitation Filmmaker (2008), which you can get from Amazon.

Here is one of Stanley Long’s early 8mm glamour films Beauty and the Beast, featuring Desiree the stripper and Pierre the gorilla — thanks to Gavin Whitaker.