The Imp’probable Mr. Weegee

WeeGee film

Renowned photographer Weegee (a.k.a Arthur Fellig (1899-1966))  befriended George Harrison Marks and Pamela Green when he was in London in the early ’60s. Famed for his graphic crime photos of the ’30s and ’40s few people realise that in 1966, two years before his death, Weegee starred as himself in a nudie cutie exploitation film, intended to be a pseudo-documentary of his life, called The Imp’probable Mr. Wee Gee, in which he falls in love with a mannequin and travels to Paris and London. Very curious…one to look out for sure! Any info on Weegee in London would be much appreciated.

In addition, Weegee surprisingly makes an appearance in the British nudist feature My Bare Lady (1963) playing a judge at a beauty contest.

The Imp’probable Mr. Wee Gee is available from Something Weird.

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