Nightmare at Elm Manor (1961)

Two decades before A Nightmare on Elm Street there was Nightmare at Elm Manor, a Harrison Marks nudie/horror short from 1961 featuring June Palmer being menaced by Marks’ regular stooge Stuart Samuels. It all starts when June decides to put on lipstick before going to bed. Not sure what the actual title of the film is as it doesn’t appear on any Kamera film list I’ve seen.

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3 thoughts on “Nightmare at Elm Manor (1961)

  1. The film is called “Flesh and Fantasie”. It is number 33 and cost 45/- new. My copy is very washed-out, as seems to be common with GHM’s 8mm black and white films. I am on the lookout for a 16mm print, as I hope it will be of better quality. At least my 16mm “Photo Session” is.

  2. Thanks for the info, John. Great stuff.
    Besides “Photo session” what else do you have on 16mm
    I’ve got Making Hay, Art for Art’s Sake and Xcitement.

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