Mina Felgate nude at Spielplatz

Cover image of Heath and Efficiency, January 1951, featuring Mina Felgate. The photo was taken by Stephen Glass at Spielplatz.

The enchanting Mina Maureen Liberoff (1931 – 2016), née Felgate, was born in Kensington and grew up during the Blitz. She became a professional dancer and popular model, and as a favourite of the photographer, Stephen Glass, pictures of her would often feature in the naturist magazine, Health and Efficiency — on several occasions, she was the cover girl.

In 1950 she went to perform at Paris’ newest night-spot, La Nouvelle Eve, with fellow showgirl Candy Daly, and in 1951 she sailed to the USA to dance at one of New Jersey’s largest nightclubs. She eventually settled in the US performing in such shows as The Latin Quarter and Parisian Follies. She relocated to Florida, with her first husband, Harris Bertram Wolser, where she made her home for the rest of her life. Mina Felgate is featured in our book Beauty Off-Duty.

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