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Out of Step was a documentary series made by Associated-Rediffusion in 1957. Episodes lasted approximately 15 minutes and were shown on ITV at 10.30 pm on Wednesdays. The series was presented by investigative reporter Dan Farson (who was once patted on the head by Adolf Hitler). In this episode, he takes a look at nudism (the term “naturism” had yet to become commonplace). The most humorous part is the objections voiced by the infamous reactionary James Wentworth Day. What is interesting to readers of this blog, however, is that Dan visits Spielplatz Naturist Club in Bricket Wood and interviews Charles Macaskie, Mrs. Macaskie, and their daughter Iseult. The episode aired on October 2nd and according to the newspapers, it marked the first appearance on TV of a naked woman. Way to go Iseult! The show lept into the Top Ten ratings and Dan Farson was impersonated by Benny Hill, complete with a special wig though their hairstyles were almost identical.

Dan Farson also interviewed Gerald Gardner for the series. For more on Gardner, Spielplatz and witchcraft read my earlier post on the subject.

Dan Farson at Spielplatz Naturist Club for the TV show Out of Step (1957).
Dan Farson interviewing Iseult at Spielplatz Naturist Club for the TV show Out of Step (1957).


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2 thoughts on “Out of Step (1957) – Spielplatz

  1. At least the commentators stayed as open mind as possible for a person of his period. Socially acceptable are not does not make it wrong. Sun bathing is becoming more common. People reasons for wear clothing is they were taught to just like the young girl and lady were brought up to not. The concept of imperfection and social stigma is one of the reason people wear clothes this does not mean because you don’t make you wrong are any less narrow minded but at least the idea was given a voice..I myself encourage nudism and think it should be given equal acceptance in society but time will prevail hopefully.

  2. I’m all for nudeists and all that . It’s all natural and as long as we are not doing anything wrong, it’s all good . Stay free my family .

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