Meet the Models – Lee Sothern

I’ve always had a soft spot for Lee Sothern (a.k.a. Grace Jackson). This joyful picture of her is by Stephen Glass, the brother of Zoltán Glass and is from an original negative. The poem below is from the magazine Meet the Models – No. 4, published by The Liverpolitan Ltd. Date unknown.

Photo by Stephen Glass. Lee Sothern hula hooping nude.
A hula hooping Lee Sothern by Stephen Glass.
Pinup magazine with Lee Sothern.
Meet the Models: Lee Sothern. No. 4

My name is Lee
And you will see
I’m not afraid
To be portrayed
In pin-up pose
Witthout my clothes —
Or in the nude,
I’m not a prude!
To tell the truth
I fee that youth
Should have its fling;
And so I bring
This little book
For all to look
And see my shape
With eyes agape!
If you you should care
To know my bare
Statistics _ well,
They’re simply swell!
So let me state:—
Bust: thirty eight.
Hips: thirty-five.
I still contrive
A waist between
That’s just eighteen.
But that’s enough
Of written stuff!
I frankly feel
It’s time to peel
And let you see
The real me.
I’ve lots to show,
So here we go!

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