Ann Dixon — Gorgeous Geordie

The Nine Ages of Nakedness, Ann Dixon, Hazel Taylor, Glamour model

Ann Dixon (Hazel Taylor) was former shop assistant from Tyneside who charmed her way to the top of the modelling tree when she came to London in the late sixties. It’s not difficult to see why.

She appeared in Kamera No.75, then 76, 78 and 79, all with photographs from one shoot — the Chinese Garden set of the Harrison Marks’ feature film The Nine Ages of Nakedness. The penultimate issue of Solo, no.60, was dedicated to her, in which a crop of this picture appears on page 48. Ann Dixon also appeared in the Kamera cine films Just Ann (1966) and Sunshine Strip (1967).

There’s sure is something about her five-foot-five height and 37″ 23″ 36″ figure.

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