Nudist Camp Follies – Volume II

The other day I added a sitemap page to the website. Something I wanted to do for ages. It will make looking and finding past posts easier. Not just for you but for me as well.

One of the things I noticed was I never did a post about the release of Nudist Camp Follies – Volume II. So here it is folks — another nostalgic look at naturism in 1950s Britain, featuring Audrey Wayne, Elizabeth Walker, Lee Sothern, Mina Feldgate, Nancy Roberts and Pamela Green among others. A lot of the photos were taken at the White House naturist club near Caterham and Spielplatz near St Albans.

The book is part of the Stephen Glass collection. Once again, a big thank you to Colin Gordon for doing the illustrations and Russ and Ray for helping to identify some of the models and locations.

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Nudist Club Swimming Pool
The swimming pool at The White House naturist club, near Caterham. The club was founded in 1933. This image is by Stephen Glass and featured in the book The Pool of Enchantment by Anne Seton, The Naturist Ltd., 1950.

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2 thoughts on “Nudist Camp Follies – Volume II

  1. Great shot. If those lovely ladies were there at least us men would have somewhere to hang our towels!!!!

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