Girls Girls Girls by Stanley Black

Decca Records put out the album Girls Girls Girls by Stanely Black and his Orchestra in 1958. The headshots on the cover are by George Harrison Marks. Pamela Green is shown three times, next to the title tracks; Dolores, Who is Sylvia? and Margie. Not sure who the other models are but if you recognise them let me know.

Stanley Black was an English bandleader, composer, conductor, arranger and pianist. He is remembered for writing numerous scores for radio, television and cinema, including the theme-tune for The Goon Show. Other films he worked such as Too Many Crooks (1958), The Battle of the Sexes (1959) and The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961) which featured Pamela Green in a bit part, are classic films of the era. If you like your bachelor pad music and exotica he’s definitely worth checking out.

Pamela Green was also on the cover of the LP Don’t Touch My Nylons by Marie Bryant.

Stanley Black
Girls Girls Girls by Stanley Black and his Piano and Orchestra


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4 thoughts on “Girls Girls Girls by Stanley Black

  1. Catching up on your posts and this is fabulous! I notice some other girls I recognise from working with GHM:

    Stella by Starlight – Diane Clare
    Young Molly – Maria Hale
    Harriet – Lydia Barton
    Sally & Annabel both look to be Lynn Shaw
    Oh Suzanna – Rona Scott
    Mary – Teresa Seymour

    Recognise the others but can’t put a name to them yet 🙂

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