Fiesta: Summer Special

Fiesta Summer Special featuring Pamela Green as Rita Landre on the cover. The magazine features several models, such as Lyn Shaw, Rochelle Lofting and Norma Stevens, by such photographers as Eva Grant, Russell Gay and Harrison Marks. Only two of the eighty pages are dedicated to Rita Landre. There’s no date that I can see which is rather annoying.

Fiesta Summer Special
Fiesta Summer Special


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3 thoughts on “Fiesta: Summer Special

  1. My oldest brother used to get these magazines and somehow I found where he hid them! I did have some great times looking at them when I got home from school. Early sixties!

  2. I’ve never seen any of those old Fiesta’s beyond 1960. The price is no help as there was no inflation in those days. The title font didn’t change either.

    Fiesta started in 1956. This summer special wasn’t 1958 or 1959, because I have those, in fact Pam was the cover girl on the 1958 summer special, in a skimpy bobbly bikini. The cover in your picture was likely 1957 or 1960.

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