Mono Men – See my Soul

I recently came across the 7-inch single See My Soul by the Mono Men. It features Pamela Green on the cover. Some of my regular readers of the blog may recognise the striped bed cover. The single was released in 1993 and the sleeve was designed by the one and only Art Chantry, who is a bit of a graphic design hero of mine. Side A is from the LP Wrecker! by Estrus records. The B side was recorded live to 2-track on 12/5/92 at Egg Studios in Seattle. I want to say “See my Soul” is my favourite Mono Men track, but it’s not. It’s a bit too “Roadhouse” for me. I much prefer their heavier garage tracks. I came across the single because, in my day job, I’m currently working on a project with Art Chantry and Dave Crider, the lead singer of the Mono Men. Small world.

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2 thoughts on “Mono Men – See my Soul

  1. Of course Pamela Green will always make one think of things being STRIPPED, but those bedcovers are striped. Possibly the only part of the pneumatically pulchritudinous Pamela we have not seen is her soul.

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