A Photographic History Of Nudism

Book image of A Photographic History of Nudism by Richard Battenberg

Look what came in the post today! A Photographic History Of Nudism published by our friends over at Goliath. A revealing peek at those who like to get naked ― from the early utopian dreamers of the 1920s to the liberated pleasure-seekers of today — two hundred forty fact-filled pages about the clothes-free lifestyle. The Pamela Green Archive supplied several images, including a couple of Pamela and the cover image featuring Lee Sothern in the centre. Goliath are a German publisher, and the introductory text concentrates on the nudist movement in Germany, which makes a nice change for once. Well worth adding to your collection. You can order A Photographic History Of Nudism direct from the publisher or from Amazon.

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