Nymphs and Naiads

Nymphs and Naiads Book cover

Beauty Unadorned and Outdoors

Pastoral dreams of beauty unadorned and outdoors by the acclaimed naturist photographer Stephen Glass. A fascinating depiction of a very British arcadia that is unashamed and unabashed in its vision of an island idyll.

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About the Book

Volume six in the Stephen Glass Collection. This time around, we venture out into the glorious British countryside to take in the view of beauty unadorned. The book is delightfully illustrated by Colin Gordon and comes with a short introduction exploring the links between the Edwardian cult of Pan, Wicca and the nudist movement.

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Photographer: Stephen Glass
Author: Yahya El-Droubie
Illustrator: Colin Gordon
Publisher: Wolfbait
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781916215160

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