Paula Page by Eva Grant

Paula Page’s modelling career began in the late 1950s. She was born in Shropshire in the late 1930s and studied to be a typist at school. Paula first took to nude modelling when she realised how much attention her figure attracted. She was a popular model on the circuit affectionately known as ‘Two Guns’ Paula. The above photo is by Eva Grant.

For George Harrison Marks, Paula Page was first seen in Kamera # 28. She went on to make a big impression when she filled the cover and centre pages of Kamera # 30 in 1960. If you had an 8mm projector, you could be Making Hay with Paula in the barn that month. In issue 34 she went alfresco with Avra Bennett, a horse and a Buick. This resulted in another glamour film, Model Mechanics. There were three more films that year, All in a Day’s Work, Nautical Nudes with Caron Gardner and I Spy. Near the end of the year, Paula Page filled the pages of Solo # 16.

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