Ooh-La-la! Parade Special

Below is the centre page article from Parade and Blighty, Saturday 27 Feb 1960. no. 1055. It is essentially a bit of publicity for Michael Powell’s film Peeping Tom in which Pamela had a part. I’ve transcribed the text for ease of use below. Interestingly, the article says Pam was married to Harrison Mark, which wasn’t true. They were just living together as she hadn’t divorced her first husband yet. Pam actually never married again.


“Yes. even the French will raise their eyebrows when they see Pamela Green in her first film —she has the looks that could even out-Bardot Bardot.

Appearing before a movie camera is a new experience, but Pam is at home with shots like this — there is probably not a more photographed model in England.

The background may be Parisian, but Pam is British… which just proves that glamour is not a French monopoly.

If ever a girl was cast in the right role, Pamela Green is she. Pam is known throughout the world as the Kamera girl; so when director Michael Powell wanted a girl to play a photographer’s model in “Peeping Tom,” she was a natural for the part.

She plays the role of Milly, who is killed by the photographer — something that has never happened to her before.

And something we can’t ever imagine happening again for even homicidal photographers must realise that models like Pamela Green are not easily replaced.

By the way, Pam is married to camera-man Harrison Marks and is his top model”.

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