Swiss Model Studies – Vitus


Vitus, Model Studies, No.8, 1956

Vitus is an interesting magazine from Switzerland of all places. Twenty-two pages including the cover. There is a three-page article on Physical Education, which quotes Horace Roye from his book Maids (Elstree Publications, 1947) and even talks about the Swiss Federal Constitution of all things! Eight of the pages feature Pamela Green. What is novel is the front cover is without any type whatsoever. I added the type so people wouldn’t initially assume it was a scan of an interior page. Being a type nerd, I might do a future post on title type. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Swiss Model Studies – Vitus

  1. Hi, yes I agree covers are there for a purpose – to inform potential readers what they will enjoy IF they want to!
    Thanks for all your interesting articles and particularly the images! Please keep up the good work, Cheers JPxo

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