When Pamela Green and George Harrison Marks were living in Gerrard Street in the heart of London’s Soho in the 1950s they would often go away for the weekend. A popular haunt of theirs was the Cliffe Hotel, perched high above the bay at Ilfracombe, in Devon. After driving down on a Friday night they would often spend the Saturday browsing antique and junk shops looking for props for their photoshoots. It was on such a trip the found the bust of what appeared a rather devilish gentleman. To me, it looks like Mephistophilis from Christopher Marlowe’s play Doctor Faust. In the play Doctor Faust makes a deal with the Devil and Mephistophilis acts as the Devil’s agent. Pam ended up painting the bust bright red and it appeared in many of their photoshoots.

Popular nude model posing with a bust of a devil, taken by Jewish photographer, Harrison Marks.
Pamela Green with Mephistophilis from Doctor Faust.

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2 thoughts on “Mephistophilis

  1. Lovely story! Imagine going away with Pamela Green. Some people have all the luck. She could be our version of Bettie Page.

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