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2 thoughts on “Jean Straker: Figure Studies

  1. I met Jean in Sussex during the 1970s.
    We had wonderful discussions about photography as I was a young photographer from Sydney Australia.
    He told me to look carefully at everything, the light, the colour and to take my time and observe things. This was in reference to looking at what makes an interesting photographic subject.
    I was often at The Abbey where Jean lived surrounded by his collections of many interesting things. We got on very well as fellow photographers.
    Many interesting .things happened in the summers days at The Abbey in Ashurstwood, Sussex.

    1. That’s very interesting! I now live in the Abbey which was converted into apartments in 1985 after Strakers estate sold the property by auction. The Abbey was almost derelict and had suffered from great neglect. Starker conducted an interview with the Sunday Telegraph sitting on the top lawn, he was naked and the reported wasn’t! Typical Straker! He also formed the Ashurst Wood Academy of Arts and run a local arts magazine copies of which are in the local East Grinstead museum! If you have any photos of Jean or the Abbey I would be very interested to see them!.

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