Happy Birthday, Mademoiselle!

Raise a glass to Pamela Green, pin-up icon, legend and dear friend who would have been 87 today.

The below picture is from the short film The Window Dresser (1961). Pamela Green was charged with corrupting a schoolboy in Alloa, Scotland, through her performance in this short film. The youngster confessed to his father: “I cannot tell a lie. I am a ruined boy forever.” But after thrice viewing the film, the judge dismissed the case and asked for a copy of the film to take home to his son. In 1964 a clip of this film was shown on ITV’s This Week, to much uproar and controversy.

On the set of the striptease film the Window Dresser, starring Pamela Green.
Pamela Green on the set of the Window Dresser, 1961, Running Time: 5.51m.


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One thought on “Happy Birthday, Mademoiselle!

  1. Belated birthday wishes to “The Divine Pamela”. As I have said countless times before Forever The Beautiful Woman in The World “

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