Get ’em off at the Nell Gwynn – Part 1

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Get ’em off (1976) is an amusing and dated film about the history of stripping mainly filmed at the Nell Gwynn and The Gargoyle Club in London’s Soho. When George Harrison Marks and Pamela Green were living and working in Gerrard Street in the 1960s, they were just a stone’s throw away from the two clubs, which shared the same building and were owned by Michael Klinger. George often took publicity shots for Klinger, and he kept an eye out for good-looking girls from Klinger’s clubs to appear in the magazines Kamera and Solo.

Michael Klinger, along with Tony Tenser, also ran the Compton Cinema Club and it was Michael Klinger that approached George about making the feature film Naked as Nature Intended. In the film, Naked as Nature Intended Pamela’s dance sequence was shot in The Gargoyle, even though she is seen leaving the Golders Green Hippodrome.

The Gargoyle Club has a long history for it was founded in 1925. By the 1950s it had become a drinking den and a haunt for artists. Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud were regulars. In the 1960s and ’70s, it was a strip club called Nell Gwynn. In the 1980s the club became home to club nights such as Gossips, The Comedy Store and Gaz Mayall’s Rockin’ Blues. The building is meant to be haunted if you believe in that kind of thing. Due to its size, the film is split into two parts.

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