The Shakedown (1959)

The Shakedown 1959 movie poster

Here’s a clip from the British crime film, The Shakedown, in which Augie Cortona (Terence Morgan) enlists the help of the curvey Sylvia (Linda Castle) to blackmail a client, in this case, Arnold (John Salew), using a two-way mirror. Readers of this blog will know Linda Castle as the Harrison Marks model, Mary Deighan. Linda Castle also had a small part in Rag Doll (1961) about an innocent girl in the big city that’s worth watching. Furthermore, I think I recognise her in Peeping Tom (1960) as one of the guests at Helen Stephens’s (Anna Massey) birthday party.

The Shakedown, black and white film still
Black and white film still of Linda Castle, aka Mary Deighan, in The Shakedown.

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