Early Portrait of Pamela Green

Portrait of Pamela Green by George Harrison Marks

As far as I know a never before published portrait of Pamela Green by George Harrison Marks. Not much to say except that I really like it. The image is a scan of an original print from my own personal collection and under copyright.

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5 thoughts on “Early Portrait of Pamela Green

  1. Thank you Kak for this absolutely stunning portrait of the young Pamela.As I have said on countless occasions before,forever “The Most Beautiful Woman in The World”.

  2. Pamela Green will always be remembered for her statuesque figure, and sculptured face.
    There is no comparison.
    I wonder, with all her earlier posing for artists, if there are actual paintings decorating the walls of a collector of art.

    If so who has them ?

    1. Good question. Wish I knew. I have some paintings she did.. One is a self portrait. The others you sometimes see in some of GHM’s photos. Wish I had the one she painted in the film Art for Art’s Sake. Wonder where that went.

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