Douglas Webb Sells His Medal

It was a night when wartime time history was made. In 1943, 19 Lancaster bombers took off with Dr Barnes Wallis’s bouncing bomb on board. Their mission was to destroy three dams in the Ruhr Valley. Eight aircraft and 53 members of 617 Squadron were lost. Those who were lost and those who lived were all heroes. The survivors included Flight Sgt Douglas Webb who sold his Distinguished Flying Medal awarded for his part in the daring raid, along with his logbook in March 1989 to fund publishing a book of pictures of his partner, Pamela Green.

Unfortunately, Douglas Webb and Pam never managed to get the project off the ground. It is something, however, I plan to do in the near future. I’m about to release Nudist Camp Follies, after which there is a couple of more project happening. So I guess it will be next year sometime before you get to see Doug’s pics of Pamela’s bouncing beauties… In the meantime, time check out this rare tv recording about Doug selling his medals at Christie’s in which Pam appears.

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2 thoughts on “Douglas Webb Sells His Medal

  1. My only contact with you nice folks was through Jean Starker giving me a lesson in 1961. Douglas Webb selling his medal to promote the sale of a book is devastating. I was briefly a soldier, my dad was a a career soldier and grandfather was a WWI veteran. The whole thing just makes me feel very unhappy. Had I the money I’d donate to the publishing of the book and repurchase the medal! It is at times like this that the meaning of “poverty sucks” has true meaning.
    Best of luck with the launch. Would it be of some value to offer it through eBook vendors?

  2. Thanks, John. Naked as Nature Intended, for which Doug took the pictures is available as an ebook. Amazon uses a look inside feature for ebooks. I’m always worried someone will report the nudity relegating the book to the undiscoverable adult section. I think the chap who brought the medal allowed Doug to hang on to it till he died, which was nice of him.

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