Daily Express, Monday 10 April, 1961

Pam loses £4000 gems to night raiders

Detectives will question 20 girl models today to help solve a robbery at photographer Harrison Marks’ flat. The Raiders struck on Saturday night and stole £4000 worth of jewellery belonging to his wife model Pamela Green, and over £6000 in cash. The gems and money were in a safe at their first-floor home in Readington Road, Hampstead.

Newspaper cutting about a robbery

The face came over a balcony of the first floor flat while Mr Marks was on a 45-minute visit to neighbours. Said Mr Marks last night: “ They obviously knew their way around. The safe was in a cubbyhole behind a tie rack.”


To remove it, the raiders chiselled away plaster and then levered the safe on the wall. It was dumped half a mile away. Mr Marks said: “The money was to have been used by me to launch a series of comedy films.”

Another over the balcony raid was carried out on the same night on a block of flats at Eaton Square Belgravia. The thieves escaped with furs and jewellery worth nearly £1000.

Mr Marks’ studio was ransacked four months ago and over £5000 worth of camera equipment was stolen.

Thieves raid Hampstead flat
George Harrison Marks looking at the cavity in the wall of his Hampstead flat from which a small safe was chipped out during a 45-minute raid. The safe, which has contained £6,000 cash and jewellery worth £4,000 was found abandoned in a park half a mile away from the flat.


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