Otto Und Die Nackte Welle (1968)

One of George Harrison Marks’s lesser-known movie credits is for the German comedy Otto und die Nackte Welle (Otto and the Nude Wave). I’ve not seen the film but from what I gather Otto makes wildlife documentaries. Out filming one day, he comes across a Von Noeltinghoff filming some nude girls. In revenge for some slight Noeltinghoff incorporates shots from his film into Otto’s wildlife documentary. It’s all a bit of a farce. From the lobby cards below there seems to be several clips from the Naked World of Harrison Marks (1967) in the German film. If anyone knows more please share.

Otto Und Die Nackte Welle (1968) Featuring: Otto Lüthe, Heidi Kabel, Henry Vahl. Harrison Marks.
Director: Günther Siegmund.


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