Bosomy Beauties featuring Rita Landre

Rita Landre on the cover Bosomy Beauties
Issue 18 of Bosomy Beauties featuring Rita Landre.

Other than issue 13 of Solo in 1958, the only magazine dedicated to Pamela Green’s alter ego Rita Landre that I know of is Bosomy Beauties, no. 18. It was released by Phoebe Publishers of New York. Date unknown. 32 black and white pages long, twenty-three of them featured Rita. In actual fact, some of them are of Pam in her short red hair phase and not actually Rita.

What I find amusing that even with a title like Bosomy Beauties the publishers still felt the need to pretend the book was an aid to the artists. And I quote…

“This book is presented as an aid to the artist, photographer, model and physical culture student. It is designed to enable him to further pursue his studies of the human figure — the fundamental basis of all fine art. It is the honest and sincere purpose of this and all of our similar publications to capture the fixed lighting, lines, contour and defined shadows in order to assist the artist in making good and authentic reproductions and to aid the model in the learning of new and varied poses.

The primary purpose we have in mind is to inspire both the professional and serious amateur by offering the finest photographic techniques available as a guide to what can be done with a camera, film — and a little patience.”

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