Arthur Fox – Manchester’s King of Glamour

A little bit off topic but I’m sure regular readers will appreciate this post about Arthur Fox, Manchester’s King of Glamour. He’s been unfairly neglected as his standing has faded with time. As early as 1947 he was touring striptease shows the length and breadth of England and in March 1959 he opened his own Revue Bar in George Street, Manchester. It was one of the most luxurious clubs in the country, easily giving Paul Raymond’s Revue Bar in London a run for its money. The club became known for its star- studded talent. American burlesque acts such as April March, The First Lady of Burlesque, Ricki Covette, The World’s Tallest Glamazon, and Virginia “Ding Dong” Bell, all headlined.

Arthur Fox’s autobiography came out in 1962. It was published, for some reason, under two different titles: Striptease with the Lid Off and Striptease Business. The latter with four extra images at the front. The publishing company Empso Ltd has the same business address as the Revue Bar, so I’m assuming they were self-published. Striptease with the Lid Off was serialised in Manchester’s Evening Chronicle, with the first instalment appearing on the 19 July, 1962. In 1963 Arthur Fox stood for Parliament in the Colne Valley by-election as an independent candidate. He used two of his striptease stars in his campaign before the Home Office banned the tactic. He died in 1970. I have a few more bits of related ephemera that I will be posting over the next few days.

Striptease Business and Striptease with the Lid Off by Arthur Fox. The truth about the fabulous queensof strip: what they're like in private, the money they make and the hot temperaments!
Striptease Business and Striptease with the Lid Off by Arthur Fox. The truth about the fabulous queens of strip: what they’re like in private, the money they make and the hot temperaments!



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13 thoughts on “Arthur Fox – Manchester’s King of Glamour

  1. These posts on the late lamented, much under- rated Mr Fox are long overdue. When I was barely in my teens, I got my first ever glimpse of nude female flesh when I sat in the ‘gods’ at
    the famed City Varieties in Leeds and watched one of Arthur’s travelling shows. Later, I enjoyed the privilege of sitting in a luxurious seat at his plush revuebar in George Street, Manchester as well as also having a day trip to his spectacular Folies Striptease show at the Royal Pavilion, Blackpool.And there was also the thrill of visiting his Glamour Cinema Club, also on George Street. Arthur not only began touring striptease in variety shows long before Paul Raymond but his Revuebar was just as good as the world famous Raymond’s Revuebar in Soho. Arthur was a true pioneer and, despite persecution from the powers that then were, bravely continued to champion the cause of Striptease as he liked to present it. He even stood as an Independent candidate in a 1963 by-election on this very platform. His autobiography is a genuine Testament to his courage and libertarian views.

    Dr G – Geoffrey Basil Smith

    1. Hi Doc G
      I remember those days, well I worked for Bertie Tophame and went to Arthur foxes and the variety in leeds mr Smiths and almost every working mans club in the UK and wales. took the first strippers, to pontyprid coal miners town in wales was televised and interviewed by the BBC my wife at the time also,. stage name lissette laine.

      Joe Cohen

      1. Hi Joe, Great to hear from you. If you have any memorabilia or wish to do a piece for the website let me know. Glad you like the site.

  2. Arthur Fox was my uncle, my Fathers youngest brother. Although I am now 82, I do remember him but know very little about him. Was he married? When did he die? Were there any children?

    I would like to know more, can you help?

    1. I can’t help with the kind of information you’re asking for but I do want to mention that I was Mr Fox’s secretary in the early 1960. I knew him as a polite, quietly spoken man and I greatly enjoyed working for him. I was particularly useful when he was writing to his ‘Continental Artistes’ as I was able to speak and understand French. I remember keeping his scrapbook of newspaper cuttings about the Colne Valley bi-election. This was during the days of Duggie Chapman (comedian) and (the renowned) Lorraine Burnett, who I think was married to Duggie. Mr Fox was very fond of Pam Eyres, I remember. They were very much a couple. Pam and I used to go to the hairdresser’s in the same building at George Street, Manchester and she Eve suggested I join her on the other side of the footlights. My Mum would never have allowed it but I knew what Mr Fox stood for well enough – he was totally decent.

    1. I remember your father well; I was Mr Fox’s secretary in the early 1960’s. Your dad was a very kind, polite man.

  3. My dad worked as a doormanat the revue bar in the early sixties and he had three season tickets at Old Trafford and he used to take my brother and me when his clients couldn’t go. Wasn’t t there are court case when he was convicted of indecency?

  4. I sang at Arthur Fox’s Revue Bar in the early sixties. I’m writing a book and I’m trying to remember the name of the pianist who played in the Abdullah club also owned by Arthur Fox, upstairs. Does anyone remember?

  5. My father ,Jack Want, played drums in the Revue Bar band in the club on George Street in Manchester. When I was five years old, he would take me to rehearsals where I’d meet all the strippers. They always took good care of me, good memories.

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