Naked as Nature Intended

The epic tale of a nudist picture.

The cinematic tale of Harrison Marks’ nudist feature Naked as Nature Intended, the iconic British film that brought us Pamela Green in her birthday suit.

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About the Book

Released in 1961, Naked as Nature Intended created a sensation. Queues formed around the block and police were called in to manage the crowds. It stayed on the big screen for over 17 months. The film was directed by the notorious George Harrison Marks and starred Pamela Green, Britain’s answer to Bettie Page. Pamela Green was best-known for her short but striking role in Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom. The plot involves Pamela Green and a few other young women taking a holiday. Their destination? A nudist camp. Perfectly legal but totally scandalous at the time.

Naked as Nature Intended represents a milestone in movies. Made for little money, the film earned its production costs back many times over. It ushered in a new era of cinematic “exploitation”, driven by simple economics. Naked as Nature Intended takes its place in history as the bridge between the puritanical Fifties and the Swinging Sixties.

Features behind-the-scenes exclusives and never-before-seen photographs by Douglas Webb, who, during World War II, was the front gunner on the last plane back from the legendary Dambusters Raid.

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Author: Pamela Green
Photographer: Douglas Webb DFM
Publisher: Wolfbait
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780954598594

About the Author Pamela Green

Pamela Green (1929 – 2010) was a popular model of the 1950s. She was photographed by such photographers as Bill Brandt, Zoltán Glass and Angus McBean. In 1955 she set up Kamera Publications with her then partner George Harrison Marks. She appeared in the cult films Naked as Nature Intended (1961) and Peeping Tom (1960), a psychological thriller directed by the celebrated Michael Powell. Her third partner was Douglas Webb, a former war hero of the Dambusters raid.


“A cultural curiosity and a window into a bygone age.” — TAN: The Australian Naturist Magazine

“The backstory to a Nudist Film Classic – Naked As Nature Intended, more than nearly any other film of its kind, set the tone for low-budget productions featuring beautiful beautiful naked women purportedly “documenting” the nudist lifestyle.” — N: The Magazine of Naturist Living

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