Two Left Feet (1963) starring Michael Crawford

For a nostalgia buff like me, lots of pleasure was wrested from watching the title sequence of the film Two Left Feet (1963). A young Michael Crawford visits the West End and ends up queuing to see Pamela Green in Naked as Nature Intended at the Bijou Cinema (looks like a movie set). The film is based on David Stuart Leslie’s novel In my Solitude (1960). The novel is full of observational description of the period. In the film watch out for young Mike Leigh, as a leather-jacketed gang member helping to trash a café. The title song is by Tommy Bruce and the Bruisers. It was released on DVD back in September 2014, in a brand-new transfer in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. Well worth a look. A real pleasure.

Two left Feet movie poster 1963
Two left Feet (1963)


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